Housekeeper Manhwa

Housekeeper Manhwa

Housekeeper Manhwa Synopsis

Yura and JungHyun are sweethearts from Tae-jun’s student days. Currently Tae-jun is a public servant and is engaged to Min-ah, the mayor’s daughter. Tae-jun decides to hire a maid for the newlyweds, which to his surprise is JungHyun, his past love.

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Manhwa Detail

Synonyms Housekeeper English Housekeeper Status Publishing Type Manhwa Author Neck Pillow , Paper Serialization TOPTOON Scanlation Group Goshiwon Scan Released: Years:
Warning, the series is titled "Housekeeper Manhwa" there may be sexual content that is not appropriate for underage audiences.
"Housekeeper Manhwa" is scanlated by Goshiwon Scans, you can support the group on their patreon page: