Craving Manhwa
7.08 (10)

Craving Manhwa

Craving Manhwa Synopsis

“You may want to try it, I’m sure you’ll find it incredible…”
The desire for sex she had hidden from her husband to not disappoint him is now becoming unbearable…
The more she tries to refrain these impulses the more her primitive instincts are taking the lead over her reasoning…
This kind of sexual desire is directed towards Tae Yeol, the secretary, not her husband…

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Manhwa Detail

Original 욕망 Synonyms Craving English Craving Status Publishing Type Manhwa Author Moon Rabbit , Iwan Serialization TOPTOON Scanlation Group Goshiwon Scan Released: Years:
Warning, the series is titled "Craving Manhwa" there may be sexual content that is not appropriate for underage audiences.
"Craving Manhwa" is scanlated by Goshiwon Scans, you can support the group on their patreon page: